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Swap to a t56

This is a discussion on Swap to a t56 within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I'm swapping to a T-56 and I would like to know how I would go about cutting/mounting the clutch master ...

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    Swap to a t56

    I'm swapping to a T-56 and I would like to know how I would go about cutting/mounting the clutch master cylinder (do I go from under the dash, underneath the car or under the hood?) Step by step if possible.

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    This is basically what we did on mine, and can be found here:

    "Get the manual pedals in there, it is time to cut the holes for the master cylinder and the U-bolt. Bolt the pedals down so it sits like it will when you are done. There is a template in the plastic (NOT the frame) that will help you place the pedal framing. Mine was slightly bent, so it had to be coaxed a little so the pedal framing metal would match up with the template. Once it's lined up the way you like it, drill holes for the U-bolt. Remove the pedal assembly. Look at your master cylinder and draw where you want to drill your hole. I used a 1-5/8" hole saw to cut my hole - it worked perfectly. I don't recommend removing the rubber, cut straight through it. When the cutting is done, put the pedals back in. Bolt it up tight. From the motor bay, put the master cylinder near it's place. Position the resevior so it sits properly without pinching or twisting the line. I don't recommend letting the slave cylinder hang. OK, lining up the master cylinder is a PITA. The person inside should pull the master cylinder flush while the person on the otherside places the U-bolt. You may have some luck pushing the brake booster out some by loosening the four center bolts and pulling it. Once you've got the U-bolt in, screw the nuts in to hold it in place. Take a look at it and make sure the master cylinder sits flush with the frame. The master cylinder rod should line up to the clutch pedal. If the hole was drilled correctly, there should be little gap. If there is, fill it with whatever you feel is appropriate (RTV, whatever). Attach the clutch rod - use the clip to secure it on the clutch pedal. Attach the brake rod (again, there is a clip) to the brake pedal and the throttle cable on the gas pedal. BTW, do NOT push the clutch pedal to check it out, you can damage the slave cylinder. Congrats, another milestone completed."

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