01 ss camaro SLP used for prototyping, NoS, roll cage and race seats. car dynod 450hp i believe my dad just bought it, it has 20k miles on it were bringing it to a shop next week for a fuel pump and 4th gear syncro being repaired. were going to put a clutch in too.

believe have a spec stage 3 with spec billet aluminum flywheel already in car, starting to slip.

but i read bad reviews about my current setup. people even saying its harder to shift at 4k+ rpms with it.

possible ls7 clutch in it, have to call someone tomorrow.

main components on car are

"475 hp package"
SLP rocker arms #53304
SLP head cam #1250399 in.576(234*dur) ex.571(228*dur) center112* lobe113*
cnc'd cylinder heads
sub frame connectors, torque arm, pan hard bar, wonder bar for chasis
4:10 gears manual 6 speed
zex wet nitrous system 150shot, 42lb injectors, walbro 255 pump

those are the main mods. any advice or additional questions please feel free to post.
so any good advice/recommendations on a clutch? my father calls it a sunday driver. so track events im not sure if well have many. deffinately want something that will hold tho.