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Pros and Cons of Short Throw Shifter

This is a discussion on Pros and Cons of Short Throw Shifter within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Okay, so, I've been reading about short shifters and they seem to be a worthwhile venture, but there is one ...

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    Pros and Cons of Short Throw Shifter

    Okay, so, I've been reading about short shifters and they seem to be a worthwhile venture, but there is one thing about them that I'm leery of: I already have to sit farther back from the shifter than I'd like, which makes reaching the shifter when it is in 1st, 3rd or 5th gear less than perfectly comfortable.

    By installing a short shifter, I'll have to stretch farther to reach the knob. I've read about "short throw extensions" but I do not comprehend how an extender does not defeat the purpose of the short throw.

    My understanding is that the shifting mechanism "below the surface" is no different. I'm I misunderstanding?

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    I believe short throw shifters work by changing the pivot point of the shifter. They either shorten the length of the shaft above the pivot or make the shaft below the pivot longer. Either way makes your throw shorter.

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    I put a short stick on a stock shifter in my 01 Camaro. When i say stock it didnt come with the factory hurst shifter either just the regular shifter. Well the height was definitly shorter and when i would go to 2nd and 4th it would hit the console. When i put in a factory hurst shifter with the same short stick it was easily 2 inches away from the console then before. The benefits to me are it makes the car more fun to drive and its more precise, less movement once its in gear. It does require more elbow grease to get it into gears because its shorter height and especially with the shorter stick i have on there but i love my set up.
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