Hi all, I have a decision to make concerning pilot bearings on my 2002 CETA.

I got a McLeod clutch kit and didn't realize it came with a pilot bearing (brass) so I ordered one online, a Centerforce 43001 needle bearing type due to the high rating. Avoiding the extra long ordeal of the situation the shop found the brass bearing and is suggesting replacing the new Centerforce (less than 10 miles on it) with the McLeod provided brass one. The claim is the needle bearing is nosier and brass will be better long term. The goal of this project was to replace as many clutch components, due to previous owner neglect, and not have to drop the transmission again, car has 43,000 miles on it.

Is there a major difference between the needle verses brass?

Which one handles heat/vibration better?

Any experience with lifespan of one over the other, hoping to get 50,000+ miles out of it.

Car will be a daily driver with limited to most likely no track/drag runs. Engine is stock at the moment and potential cam/heads work in a few years or modest bolt ones but no expectation to go north of 400hp.