Hello all,
I just got done reading the sticky on the problems with a sticking pedal but my problem seems to be a little different and I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem.

I just got back from a weekend of road racing my camaro, well I would have if I didn't have this problem that made me park the car. I just recently installed a new engine in my car after I blew my motor racing a year ago. There are a bunch of variables that could come into play with my problem. My car has sat for a year and this is the first trip to the track since then. The problem is that when the car gets warmed up and I am transitioning out of a high G right hand turn the clutch pedal felt like it was getting stuck half way down while I was trying to press the clutch in and at the same time I couldn't shift the car into gear (I'm assuming that the clutch wasn't fully engaging). I would be near redline in my shifting during this but the odd thing was that this wouldn't happen when I was driving in a straight line upshifting only when I was shifting while the car was still somewhat under the load from a high speed turn. First of all I found out that I was missing the bolt that goes through the cross member that threads into the tranny mount (yikes) allowing the transmission to have some movement back and forth. I replaced the bolt but the same exact clutch pedal problem still happened. I don't know if something screwy is going on with the arm on the throwout bearing (do we have one?) in right hand turns or if this is just a fluke and I'm having the bad clutch fluid / bad master or slave cylinder problem. And yes I checked to see if the pedal was physically getting hung up and it's not. Any suggestions would be awesome. This has never happened on the street and making high rpm shifts on the street doesn't make it happen. Strange.