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Need some educating on gear ratio

This is a discussion on Need some educating on gear ratio within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I am still a Newb on some things so take it easy. Can ya'll explain the difference in gear ratio's ...

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    Need some educating on gear ratio

    I am still a Newb on some things so take it easy.

    Can ya'll explain the difference in gear ratio's to me?

    I just found out I have the 3.42 (GU6) gear set in my M6 98' T/A. I know she moves fast, but compare to the other gear sets how much is it really a difference?

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    the higher then number the more acceleration you will get basically ..but what ratio is best suited for your car is depended on many factors

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02Sweet View Post
    Good thread on gears! Thanks.

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    Your 3.42 Is A Rather Low Starting Gear Overall

    Compared with close ratio trannys with a "taller" starting gear (actually a lower number ratio) your "low" first gear is kinda short. This gives you certain advantages and disadvantages.

    Live in San Francisco or Portland Oregon? A short first gear will really help getting going from a dead start up those very steep hills. Some added clutch life also results because of the short first.

    The down side is that that low first gear is only good for about 50 feet or sooss if you stand on it. You have to quickly shift into second. Sometimes too quickly. Hot rodders likes taller starting gears.

    Sometimes people race (drag) their short geared first geared cars starting in second gear sosss they can shift one time less, which saves some time. The car must be able to handle that application.

    My 1978 Volvo 242GT has a very short first gear. Guess it was designed that way for hills and dales in Sweden. Helps out many times: other times it is a major hassle. Can almost start in second.

    Finally, your short low first gear (higher number) might mean that your top gear is also very wide, which would reduce your cruising rpm on the highway. You may have a good tranny overall. HB of CJ

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