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Manual Transmission Removal (hints-etc)

This is a discussion on Manual Transmission Removal (hints-etc) within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; So my stock 2000 Ls1 Camaro is in need ot some rework, so in the garage I shall do my ...

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    Manual Transmission Removal (hints-etc)

    So my stock 2000 Ls1 Camaro is in need ot some rework, so in the garage I shall do my own work and ASK of all that have done this themselves to chime in with hints, tricks, etc.

    I am in need of removing the manual transmission and replacing the throw out and pilot bearings (if that all that I need to do I am lucky).

    Data I would love to know before I start it:
    1. How far do I need to lift the car up frm the ground (wood blocks under the tires-etc),,,what distance, I was thinking 5 feet, but that will take many many wood blocks. So if I new the approximate minimum distance that would be so greatfull.
    2. I shall either buy or rent a tranny jack-since I heard its the safest route. But I wonder when I go to drop the unbolted tranny does it come straight down or do I need to move it back and down and back and down some distance to get it all out. Any data on this movement action style wouldbe great. (i am just fine with up and down actions-due mostly to my love for blue movies),,,ha ha...
    3. I already have the better GM Hydralics installed, but wonder should I replace them again AND OR install a speed bleeder extension device-etc.
    I was looking into the following but not sure if this is over kill or something real awesome to install:

    4. Any other data you can provide would be great,,,since this would be my first tranny removal and install and I believe its just my throwout and or pilot bearing that are bad. I may replace the clutch and reface the flywheel if need be-but feel ok with the replacement of those parts.

    Any help by those that have personal on hands experience with the above please respond,,,Date of me doing the work myself starts in 2 weeks..

    Thanks all

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    You don't need it 5ft off the ground to get the tranny out. You only need to be high enough to get under it and work on it comfortably. I would never use wood blocks under tires jack stands are all you need. There is no need for a tranny jack unless you plan on doing a lot of tranny work. I just use a regular floor jack and a buddy if one is available. They don't just fall out you will need to assist it. I just get my floor jack under it and move it around until it breaks loose then slide it back and lower it. Just don't put your hands or head under it when the bolts are out.

    If it were me I'd upgrade my clutch while in there and do a slave upgrade if one has not been done already.

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