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issue with grinding noise from transmission

This is a discussion on issue with grinding noise from transmission within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I recently bought my TA from a younger gentleman who had a stage 2 clutch put in. Long and short ...

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    issue with grinding noise from transmission

    I recently bought my TA from a younger gentleman who had a stage 2 clutch put in. Long and short he put in the wrong pressure plate, that wasn't adjusting and therefore the clutch was not disengaging etc. Redid the clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, pilot bearing, throwout bearing, and slave cyl to stock (Yeah yeah I realize I should have gone with the ls7 kit now.. oh well too late . =/) and aside from some occasional gear grindage while going into first when downshifting, and 4th very rarely while upshifting (I believe due to mashed syncros from him driving it daily with the clutch not disconnecting and mashing it into gear), it drives fine.

    However, when we took the tranny out to do the clutch etc, my friend who works at the shop i took it to noticed that the fluid inside the tranny smelled and looked much like gear fluid. It was not the ATF that the manual calls for for our cars. (I've never heard of a manual transmission calling for ATF, but I'm new to 6 speeds so who knows.) Supposedly the previous owner had the tranny rebuilt so I'm guessing it was them that put it in. When they put everything back up they put in the fluid called for by the car, and since then randomly when driving after a while you'll hear what sounds like loose change rattling on metal, or a bit of a grinding noise (like stone grinding a bit.) It changes with RPM, and is most noticeable at high RPM. Holding the shifter quiets it a bit, but you still hear it. (It seems based on the vibrations of the car.) I'm at a loss what this is as we checked to make sure everything's bolted on tight etc, and the car drives without issue except for the above mentioned syncroish problems. Just the noise aggravates me and cannot be a good sign.

    We've checked that everything is bolted in correctly, so I can't see what could be making the noise. The only thing I can think of is that the previous shop put gear fluid in for a reason.

    I was thinking of putting in a similar fluid again, seeing if it ran better. If it didn't I'd just remove it and put in the stock called for fluid, but can anyone think of anything else it could be, or a reason to not do the above?

    I figure at worst I'll need to get the tranny rebuilt in the future anyway, or replaced, due to the syncro problems anyway....

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    ATF is the reccommend fluid. I've heard of people trying out Synchromesh fluid with some success. I would not recommend gear lube, though.

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