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Difficulty Shifting

This is a discussion on Difficulty Shifting within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Today is about the worse it has been. But over the last month shifting into 3rd and 4th is gettting ...

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    Difficulty Shifting

    Today is about the worse it has been. But over the last month shifting into 3rd and 4th is gettting difficult. It won't shift as smoothly as it should. Sometimes I have to double shift in order to get into gear or grind it. Clutch has same resistance, no changes there. Car has 111 k miles and I know the clutch plates were change out at 70k. I am thinking it is the servos starting to going out. Any further input? Currently saving for LS7 Clutch Kit.

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    If its not shifting smooth then change the oil if you havent already but if its grinding then it could be a couple of things.

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    Since only 3rd and 4th are giving you issues, sounds like a transmission problem more than a clutch problem. Could be a few things, most common things are worn synchros/blockers or a bent 3/4 shift fork. If the fork is bent, it will cause engagement issues, and often causes the trans to pop out of gear.

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