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Clutch/Trans Problems?

This is a discussion on Clutch/Trans Problems? within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; I'll try to explain everthing I've been experiencing as best I can. These problems all started a few weeks ago ...

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    Clutch/Trans Problems?

    I'll try to explain everthing I've been experiencing as best I can. These problems all started a few weeks ago all at once and I had never noticed them before.

    The first thing I noticed is that it grinds when I put it into reverse. But if I put the clutch in and wait for 10-15 seconds it will go into reverse with no problem.

    The same problem happens occasionally when driving and going into 3rd or 4th. If I'm too aggressive it will grind but still go into gear, but if I shift more slowly there isn't a problem. Also going aggressively from 3rd to 4th, sometimes it feels too easy to take it out of gear(if that makes sense).

    The one that confuses me the most I haven't been able to test since I noticed it a few weeks ago. When going from 4th to 5th at 5k+ it wouldn't go into gear at all. I had to slow down to around 4k before I could shift. I tried a few times with the same result and haven't tried since.

    I dont know enough about this stuff to really make sense of it all. Any info is appreciated.

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    Your 3rd and 4th problems sounds like a bent 3/4 shift fork. Its a common problem. the stock for is aluminum and can bend. the fix is to install a steel fork.
    Your reverse issue sounds like it could be clutch related, like your clutch isn't fully releasing and causing the trans input shaft to continue to spin with the engine instead of slowing down to match the trans gears speed together.

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