Hey guys,
heres the DL on my car...
1998 Pontiac Trans Am - NON-WS6
LS1 346ci V8 pre 1999 ignition setup
6 Speed Manual Transmission
Spec stage 1 clutch
SLP intake lid
otherwise its completely bone stock.

now that you know the details on my car, heres the problem im having...

I have just recently been having a problem with my clutch slipping in 6th gear when I accelerate hard on the highway (45+ mph) and I looked under the hood to check my clutch fluid and it was really low. i can tell it was slipping because the revs would go up from 1500 to about 4000 and then come back to about 1600 when the clutch started to bite again. i suspect that its clutch fluid on the friction disk thats leaking from the slave cylinder.
is there a way to tell if the slave cylinder has a leak in it and the fluid is getting onto the clutch disk without dropping the transmission? like will it be visible when i take the inspection covers off...
Or is that something that is actually possible in these cars given the position of the components?
If i need to i can clean the disk with some non corrosive degreaser designed specifically for that and hop it along till friday when i can park it.

I'm finishing up the semester at school so the car can be out of commision for a while after friday is over with, but i need to know how much money im looking at having to spend on this one... money's kinda tight right now and i dont have a place i can do the work or id do it myself to save some cash. I have a transmission guy who will let me go buy my own parts and he'll put them in for me so I can still save some money there. (hes also one of the few spec licensed installers in my area, and he actually races them)

on a side (yet somewhat related) note:
I dont want to put a GM slave back in the car when i do this, and I am doing both the master and slave when i replace the setup... I want something thats better for aftermarket clutches and is made better... i figure if im gonna replace it i might as well make it so i dont have to open it up again for a while.