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Clutch/Shifting Issues

This is a discussion on Clutch/Shifting Issues within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; At first, the only issue I was having was the shifter buzzed at higher RPMs. As I've added power, I've ...

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    Clutch/Shifting Issues

    At first, the only issue I was having was the shifter buzzed at higher RPMs. As I've added power, I've started having powershifting into 3rd. 2 Weeks ago, I had a ASP underdrive pulley installed, and hitting 2nd has become difficult.

    This weekend I installed a LS6 Intake and the clutch is sticking to the floor and I can't powershift at all. Now even slow and deliberate shifts are stiff and hard to engage.

    My research indicates that the "drill mod" and bleed may remedy my situation. I've read pretty much all the threads on this site an the "other", but I haven't actually found too many people who have had their issues solved completely by doing it.

    This is really pissing me off, and it's very frustrating not being able to use what you got!

    BTW, I have noticed something strange coming from the clutch pedal. Every once in a while holding the clutch in, I will feel a little "thut" in the pedal. Kind of hard to describe, but if feels as if the pedal suddenly but very quickly moved. Not moved enough that it actually moved my food, but just enough I can feel it through the pedal.

    Anyone every feel that sensation through their clutch pedal? Is this a symptom of something else, or can this be used to better diagnose my problem? (I'm saving for headers and can't afford a freakin' clutch and slave cylinder right now:-)


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    You can't keep driving like that on a stock clutch. If your pedal is sticking to the floor you have a hydraulic issue either slave or master cylinder. 98-00 master cylinders are not that good. I had to replace mine at 45k with an 01/02. If your slave is bad may as well replace the clutch while the tranny is out. Best to beef up your clutch and hydraulic system now. You can drive a car without headers you can't drive it without a clutch (and yes I know you can shift without one).

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