Hey all I couldn't get a straight answer in the last thread and this is kind of a different issue so maybe i can explain it better this time. I did an m6 swap on my car and installed an ls6 clutch and new hydraulics (stock master). So the pedal has never been quite right little soft and there is a deal pedal feel for about 1" before I can actually feel the pedal engage the pressure plate. Once there it has very little travel between there and the floor.

I had it over at lashway here in south fl and they tried there hand at bleeding and we have come to the conclusion that the slave is too far away from the pressure plate and therefore needs to be shimmed although I've always heard stock style clutches dont need shims? Anyway even after this we also noticed that if the car sits over night sometimes the pedal will completely lose all pressure and it will have to be bled again before the car is even driveable. but there is no fluid leaking onto the ground.

While i havent checked the master while the pedal is dead once the system is bled and the line is disconnected from the slave i have a hard clutch pedal so it seems like the master is atleast temporarily holding pressure.

My question to you all is, could the lack of a shim be causing the dead pedal feel for the first 1" and what would cause the pedal to go dead overnight and need rebleeding?

Thanks dan