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clutch engages low

This is a discussion on clutch engages low within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Ever since I bought the car the clutch always engaged an inch or 2 off the ground and I replaced ...

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    clutch engages low

    Ever since I bought the car the clutch always engaged an inch or 2 off the ground and I replaced the whole clutch setup w/a ACTA STAGE 2 clutch and a new slave,it still engages at the same point..I've never touched the master and the fluid but it wasn't black..what could be the problem?also shifting into 2nd gear while the wheels spin it grinds.

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    Sounds like your clutch isn't disengaging far enough, which causes difficult shifts.

    Mine was the same way, and my wife wouldn't even drive it. At one time clutch kits for these cars were provided with spacers to allow for more clutch disengagment. I don't know if they still come this way or not, it's been a while since I've bought one.

    But what I ended up doing to fix mine rather than pulling the trans back out,,,I installed an adjustable master cylinder. That way I could set the free play exactly where I feel comfortable. For me, adjustability in the clutch setup is a necessity, they should have all had it to begin with. Hope that helps.

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    Most clutches do come with spacers. There are a few (Textralia being one) that do not require spacing though.

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