My son and I are building a road race car and I need some education. The powertrain I want to build the chassis for is an LSx, T56 bolted directly to a Corvette rear differential. One of the must have features is the Camaro style engine/transmission interface; having the Camaro-style bell housing/clutch and external/top-mounted shifter are non-negotiable.

Since the transmission has not been bought yet, I would be open to input on what each T56 has to offer; I do like the C5 Z06 gear progression but gear ratios can be changed if there are other better internals or cases. Iím not afraid to build a transmission with commonly available parts.

All of that being said, are there options to get there? It seems to me a Corvette-Camaro T56 retrofit resulting in the output shaft and tail housing from the Corvette and the rest from the Camaro is the answer, but I donít know enough of the T56 Corvette variant nor the rear differential to say if that is feasible.

Please, solid answers only, no guesses.


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