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4th gear

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    4th gear

    So my 02 z28 grinds when going into 4th and I know nothing about transmissions except the basics of how they work not how to fix or diagnose them. I've asked some friends or whatnot what they think and they all hint that it is probably a synchronizer. Has anyone ever had any problems with this. Clearly i'm probably going to bring it to a mechanic because its my only ride and I need it done right the first time and transmission doesn't seem like something I can do without getting way in over my head. I went to some guy and he goes "well I can't really give you a price I mean I just did a nissan that was about 3ků. so probably 1500 to 3200" Which I think is a little ridiculous that a specialist can't give me advice on pricing so I left. Considering I seriously doubt that the parts cost deep into hundreds.

    The car will drive fine in 4th, the gear is alright. But 4th doesn't match the speed when trying to shift into it so you hear a grinding sound if your forcing it in so i've been shifting 3rd to 5th.

    Has anyone ever had problems like this before, or does anyone have any real knowledge on a price range so I know I would not be getting royally boned because I have no idea about transmission work???

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    You have a bad synchro. Possibly a worn gear too. Fairly common problem.

    For a quality rebuild - I would suggest going to a stage 1 package, which will usually replace synchros, seals, sometimes bearings, and the 3-4 shifter fork - around $1200 to $1500 sounds close. Many places will charge more though. Most won't want to give a flat price because they don't know exactly what they'll find when they crack it open.

    There are places that will do it cheaper if you remove the tranny and bring it to them. The downside is, if something is installed wrong, you won't know until you put the tranny back in. I can let you know where I sent mine, if your interested. I did a stage 3, but would highly recommend them if you're interested in removing it and shipping it out to be rebuilt. Being your only car would make it rough though.

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    I think the range in prices you got are in the ball park. 6 speeds aren't cheap to do, and to make things more difficult, there are alot of unknowns until you get in there. You are likely to find other wear items needing replaced. Chances are very good that a full blown rebuild will need to be done, or at the very least makes more sense to do it while it's out of the car.

    I'd say $1500 at a bear minimum if you are paying someone for the work. I prefer to upgrade all the weak junk in these T56's while it's apart as well, so that adds to the cost. Shift forks, output shaft, and rid the trans of all the little plastic washers and keys. A good quality kit will have most of the better stuff in it and run you $5-700 alone. Output shaft is extra as well as forks last time I checked. I thought there may be various kit forms in stages you can buy, but you still have to pay someone labor if you don't have the skills. The price goes up from there.

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    I shipped mine off to RPM and got their level IV upgrade which included everything the two above posters mentioned except the output shaft and the cost was $1800 and labor was $200 to remove and re-install the T56.

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