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Something New From Performabuilt "restoration"

This is a discussion on Something New From Performabuilt "restoration" within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; We have come up with a plan for our customers who are now out of warranty. We feel this is ...

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    Something New From Performabuilt "restoration"

    We have come up with a plan for our customers who are now out of warranty. We feel this is a great way to help our customers in a new and different way.
    On all PerformaBuilt 4L60E, 7004R , TH350 and 400 units regardless of when they were purchased or LEVEL if there is ever a failure, we service what we sell. Any time after the warranty period if theres ever a failure of any kind you can contact us, we will explain to you how to box the transmission up, Once you have done this we will have the transmission picked up and brought to us where we will restore the trans completely not refreshed! Restored just like it was originally built plus any new updates that may have been made since your original purchase and We will return the unit to you ready to go and fully tested with the full Performabuilt warranty according to our normal 6 month or 1 year time frames depending on wether you have the converter refreshed "Performabuilt converter at the same time or purchase a new one" This service cost $950 this includes a complete redo of the trans not just a look over and replace whats damaged but the same procedure we use to build the trans in the beginning. All shipping parts and labor fully included regardless of whats damaged in the unit.
    We feel there is no reason to fix what isn't broken so don't send the trans back for a RESTORE until it breaks then we will take care of it for you and return in within a few days or receiving it.
    We had been ask a few times about a refresh and discussed it and it IMO seemed pointless to send a trans back with nothing wrong with it and in keeping with our normal system we wanted to be able to offer a fixed cost not X amount plus parts and shipping and we wanted to give the customer the peace of mind that once they got there unit back it would be backed by our full warranty Not just 30,60 or 90 days.
    We are happy to offer this service please feel free to ask any questions about it but with this service you will never pay full price for a PerformaBuilt unit again.

    We will have a plan in place also for the 4L80E but since we only recently started offering these and our warranty is so long we have some time before they will need to be addressed.
    Again this is not a repair or a refresh this is a complete restoration.

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    sweet!.......i am sure i will need a tranny some day and reading this makes me like the idea of buying from you guys

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