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Perfornamce Transmission Mods

This is a discussion on Perfornamce Transmission Mods within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Alright, I'm new to trannies so feel free to assume I'm ignorant...just don't poke fun at me for it. I ...

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    Perfornamce Transmission Mods

    Alright, I'm new to trannies so feel free to assume I'm ignorant...just don't poke fun at me for it.

    I see a lot on here about people getting higher stall torque converters for thier cars. (Mine is a 02 WS6 - A4) Just exactly what is it that a stall does? How does this make the car faster and how does it affect the way the car drives? Is this primarily a drag racing mod or is it a general performance thing. My car is not a dragger, more of a performance street handling least thats the goal.

    Shift kits, I see them mentioned from time to time...just what is the deal.

    And finally custom tunes (I'm probably getting one done after the intake, headers, exhuast) I've heard these guys can mess with the transmission shift points, firmness etc as well to improve the cars abilities.

    How much of these things is overlap and which is the way to go?

    Now one thing about my car that gets me is how easy it is to break the tires free and go tail out with every blip of the gas, even in a straight line run. (granted it is COLD here and that doesn't help traction at all) but I find when I kick it down it easily lights up the tires at WOT at most steet speeds. Its not a big problem just mildly annoying when you actually don't want to smoke em. What does get me though is how the transmission has a nasty little habbit of shifting while mid corner. When this happens its either get off the throttle or go for a spin, which really limits my acceleration on long corners. (not 90 degree street corners, I don't speed around many of those...pesky laws and all) but long sweeping corners, which there are a lot of around here. Think highway interchange ramps for a simple idea of the kinda of turns I'm talking about...we have them on a lot of roads.
    What I find is the transmission often seems confused when accelerating at 50%-80% throttle on these, I can almost feel it thinking about shifting. And when it does kick down it usually does it for a second or so then kicks right back up (all without me moving the throttle) Its annoying and if I didn't get off the gas, would send me tail out...I just find it really limits my acceleration no being able to hold a gear or pick a gear.

    Anyway, that is more than you wanted to know about me and my car...any tranny suggestions welcome. Oh, and does anyone know if there is a kit available for our cars that makes them work like the new dodges, where they are full auto but will hold a gear all the way to redline (even under slow acceleration) or will let you upshift or downshift at will with the touch of a button.....think paddle shifter.
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    check these three threads out and you'll find a few explanations on what are available for our a4s. if you still have questions click on a knowledgable members profile and send them a quick message. you will notice there are many that can and most likely will answer your questions but for the most part these, without doing a major tranny rebuild, are the most common mods you can do.
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