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P1SC SD OL 4L60E TransGo Kit w/violent P to R and N to D.

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    1999 Blown Trans Am

    P1SC SD OL 4L60E TransGo Kit w/violent P to R and N to D.

    I installed a TransGo shift-kit this weekend as my 4L60e had just over 104K miles and was in need of some maintenance. Installed everything per the instructions and triple checked everything. When car was on jacks it shifts through 1-4 and reverse (I have HP Tuners Pro) when I got it on the floor and shifted from Park to Revers it bangs into gear and the rear tire break free with a chirp with the engine dieing immediately after. This is the case from Natural to Drive as well. I have insured that every setting in the Trans is set to stock minus the Torque Management Abuse Mode set to zero. Anyone dealt with this before? Maybe my Pressure Control Solenoid (PCS) went the same time I swapped parts?

    Mods are as follows:
    Sub-frame Connectors
    Strut Tower Brace
    Sway Bars
    Torque Arm
    4L60E transmission W/Trans Cooler
    Polly Trans and Motor mounts
    Driveshaft 3 /1350U joint
    Moser 12 bolt 3.42 Gear
    LS6 Intake/ 85mm BBK TB
    1 7/8 Headers and cat back exhaust
    ProCharger P1SC
    BOV/ 3 aluminum piping/Intercooler
    60lb injectors
    Walbro 340 fuel pump
    NGK TR6 Spark plugs
    Performance Griffin radiator
    16 Zirgo fan (3630 CFM)
    HP Tuners Pro SD OL Tune

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    1999 Blown Trans Am

    I posted this at LS1Tech as well and it got some troubleshooting direction. Here are the results for reference. (Thanks for the Bump 35th-ANV-SS)


    "I wonder if your TCC is locked up, but not sure how that can happen when installed the HD2. I assume you did not rebuild the entire trans.
    Try this with your rear wheels off the ground:
    Start engine and shift into drive. Then apply the brakes until rears wheels stop; if this abruptly stalls the engine that would be a sign the converter is locked.

    What year is the trans?
    Other that dropping the valve body and installing the HD2, did you do anything else?"

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    "The transgo kit mostly disables PWM if your TCC solenoid is enabled you could get full or partial lockup at idle . But if indeed putting it into gear reverse or forward kills the engine suddenly I would say the TCC solenoid would either have to be on or stuck or the TCC valve is stuck or a cross leak in the valve body gaskets miss installed or torn and or possibly a check ball ended up stuck between the valve body and case. But if it was not a problem before you started the installation itself along with one of the above would be prime suspects.
    I would take it back down and look everything over.
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    I ran it through the gears with all the tires up and did not have it stall. But I will do it again before I drop the pan again. The RPM's drop normally when putting it into gear and recently when I shifted into reverse it actually stalled once, but couldn't duplicate it. Figured I would run it down after the HD2. This stalling is a bit different though. The trans shifts so hard that even with my foot on the break the back tires break free for a split second. To the point where I am sure if it would not stall each time that I would be doing a burnout in the garage. After everything I was able to get a code to flash (P0748 - Pressure Control Solenoid Circuit Electrical) I will check wires and connections when I drop the pan. I am sure all the hard parts are in the right place, check *****, solid gaskets and so on. The 4L60E is a 1999 and is the same that came stock in the TransAm it has 104K miles on it which is what prompted the upgrades. Thanks for the ideas gentleman and I will post what I find.

    a few days later....

    I raised the rear today and tested the shifting from P to R and it slammed into gear and stalled. I got two codes this time (P0785, P0748) Looks like my TCC is stuck. At least i know where to start. Thanks again for the help guys.


    "Good luck. Hopefully the underlying problem will be obvious and easy to correct.
    If you didn't already, you should order a Transgo Universal separator plate (#46-PLT-96) and a new set of gaskets. First drill the plate according to its instructions for a V8, then again according to the HD2 instructions. While a stuck or missing check ball will not cause your problem, a loose one in a random passage could cause crazy symptoms.
    The new plate ensures a check ball doesn't get stuck in the near future.
    New gaskets are a must."

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