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Converter or tune problem???

This is a discussion on Converter or tune problem??? within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; Originally Posted by helodown66 Thank you everyone for your input. I agree, I do not think I have a converter ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by helodown66 View Post
    Thank you everyone for your input.

    I agree, I do not think I have a converter problem.

    I have changed the tune so that converter does not lock until over 50 MPH.

    Then with the help of a tuner via e-mail, I have reduced the timing at the lower RPMs and lower % of throttle opening, so that the car is much happier than it was.

    I don't mind the "Lopy" cam, but was not enjoying the "bucking or lurching", which was taking place. The reduced timing has improved the situation by 80%, which is sig.

    When I purchased the Cam & Heads, I asked the speed shop for their opinion and that package was recommended. I have 4:10 gears and the difference before and after installing this package was the difference between night and day, so I am very happy to say the least. The only problem now is I can not get the car to "Hook", even with street drag radials.
    I guess that is a good problem to have, as I want to keep the car as stock looking as possible on the outside.

    Again, thank you, as I have learned a great deal with this forum.

    Now to the new rear end. I am leaning on going to 3:90's rather than 4:10's, I am open to comments.

    Most people with the a4 are running 373 gears, they are a littie more hiway friendly, and have a heck of a 50 mph punch.
    I'm running a 233/239-598/603 cam and 4000 rpm stall and it surges a little at a very low idle, but no problems you've described. And I live in the middle of nowhere, not to far from you in fact. I have a mail order tune from Texas Speed and they have done pretty well. The afr was a little bit the first time, but now it's right on at 12.9 at wot. You might give them a call. There is supposed to be some good tuners in Wa., so thats another thing to look into.
    Goods luck.
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