Im having shifting problems with my tranny in my Z28.It starts off fine from first to 2nd but when its time to go in 3rd,it wont.I checked my tranny fluid and its good.Its a new tranny with 5,000 miles on it.I did adjust the idle cable on the throttle cable to raise the idle a bit.Would that raising the idle mess up the shifting on it?I did it 4 months ago.Also under the 6,000 RPM gauge,theres a red lite arrow pointing down with a square box around it and at the bottom of the arrow is like a wave shape.Is this the shift lite or low tranny oil or trouble shooting lite?It stays on the whole time.Does anyone know what it is?or the problem might be so I can look into it.I dont think the trannys going out since its still new and I dont want to spend another 1200 to get another tranny.Please help????Clueless?????