I installed one and it seemed to work at first. In order for it to almost completely stop contact i had to force the pipe down then tighten it but it made my pipe hang lower. Also besides the fact that it's just dumb that I put on a 3" ory and had it connected to stock piping , my pipe was too far from where it's supposed to be in the pics in relation to where the bolt goes in the floor. Another dumb move on my part is that I ordered a 3" clamp meanwhile where it is used is right ahead of where my ory starts. I ended up using header wrap on the pipe then clamped it. To make matters ultimately worse the day I adjusted it I didn't see this giant magic speed bump and I scraped the bracket and it's pretty much bent out of whack atm.

Still I definitely vouch for it's effectiveness. I was going to buys 2.5 one but I said he'll and just ordered new stainless longtubes and a 3 piece y and poly motor mounts. I figure this time around I'll pick ip power, have the y properly positioned for ground clearance and the poly mounts will prevent engine movement. Win win win !