To all that have done this swap before, what did you guys use to adapt the factory 8-pin throttle body plug to that of the 6-pin throttle body adapter on the stock throttle body on the TBSS intake? Iíve seen the X-Link thatís over $240 and have also seen a adapter offered on Summit that is significantly cheaper at approximately $46. The description of the $46 adapter says it does the basics and converts 8 to 6 pin but research shows that lots of people say the X-Link is the only option while a few say itís over price and unnecessary. So to those that have experience with this swap can you shed light on this? What did you guys do for this? At this point, Iím leaning towards using the stock LQ4 throttle body as opposed to the bigger TBSS TB since itís a simple plug and play and wonít cost me over $200 for a small harness.

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