So... my car sat for 4 or 5 years. My friend who built the engine, put it back in (he doesn't live in my town) and I traveled to him to hook up the tranny and trailered it home to put all the accesories on.

I found a couple stacked grounds and hooked up what I could find. Initially i got no cranking at all, but discovered the cluster of wires in the back that terminates into one was broken. I also replaced the old battery and ground cables.
I have a new battery, all fuses and relays are working.

I hear pumps prime (Yes, I have two in the tank). Engine turns over, there is fuel pressure at the rail. Engine cranks, but no start.
I heard terrible grinding noise when starting. I replaced the starter, and that is no longer a problem, (Weak solenoid I guess. I saw where it started to wear flywheel teeth.)

There is no Spark (I checked with in-line Spark Tester)

I Replaced Crank Position Sensor and Water Temperature Sensor.

So, I ran across this video where a Camaro guy describes that the Coil Pack assembly is not grounded creating his Crank/No Start condition:

Here is me troubleshooting that situation on my car, if you want to spend a minute or two to watch me check it:

Question: Should the Valve Covers be grounded? Mine are not.
I did try grounding them like he did his, for a quick check prior to trying to locate where a ground might be loose, and the condition did not change.

Can anyone help me with where i should look for such ground?
If you think it's not grounding situation, can you suggest other things I may look for?

Thanks in advance!