My search forum tool is not working, so forgive me. I'm sure there is at least one thread about this. I just can't find or access it. I have noticed that everyone who installs a catch can hooks up the tube coming from the rear of the driver side valve cover looping around the back of the engine and T'ing into the connection coming out of the rear of the passenger side valve cover, going up to a catch can, and then to the PCV valve, then to the intake throttle body. Then, there is an outlet at the front of the passenger side valve cover, but it goes directly into the throttle body without going through the catch can. OIL VAPORS ARE STILL GOING INTO YOUR INTAKE this way. What is the purpose of a catch can, if there is another route that oil vapors can enter the intake manifold. Shouldn't there be another catch can, or shouldn't the front passenger valve cover outlet also go through the catch can??? Thanks in advance.