C6 Exhaust Install - Stinger Treatment
The C6 Corvette is a plenty hot car right from the factory. With plenty of horsepower and amazing handing, it is truly an exotic car with Chevrolet badging. But those same fine folks at Borla that helped C5 Corvette owners really enjoy a more healthy exhaust note and increased performance have done it again with their Stinger exhaust. Best of all, the system draws about between 12 and 16 more horsepower (Borla's test facility numbers) while reducing overall exhaust weight by 14 pounds and improving mileage. Plus it looks plenty cool too. Enough said? Ready to pop one on your Corvette? Here's how.
The S-type system, known as the "stinger" to many, created huge notoriety several years ago in the C5 crowd. Today Borla has many exhaust combinations for the C6 Corvette including those with and without Borla's "merge X-pipe and three different tip options. According to marketing records, currently the four round tips and four oval tips the most popular, but the new rectangular two tip system is gaining in popularity. In terms of complete systems, Borla offers the "S" Type system with the different tips and the merge X pipe plus a new Touring system. This touring system was designed by the Borla R&D staff to cater to those that wanted a more neighbor friendly exhaust yet still had that famous Borla growl and performance without as much S-type bark.
For our story we selected the Borla S-type exhaust system (PN 140128). This is a full cat-back system that includes the merge X-pipe. It should be noted that Borla recommends use of a lift for this installation, but it can be done with a floor jack and jack stands. As always, be careful and follow the complete directions included in every Borla system.
In most cases, more time is required for removal of the old system than installing the new Borla system, especially if you life in areas were rust is a problem. After the vehicle is safely supported, spray all the bolts, nuts, slip connections and rubber grommets with WD 40 or similar penetrating oil, allow about 10 minutes for this to do it's magic and then remove the old system.
When you install the new Borla system, you should start at the front and work towards the back of the car (i.e. first the Merge X pipe, then the intermediate pipes, the over axle systems and finally the muffler system and tips).As with any installation, have patience. Borla exhaust systems are high quality and are CNC mandrel bent and fixture sized in QC testing. So if it doesn't fit, step back for a moment, take a deep breath and start over. If you do have an issue Borla has a full time customer service staff available with a toll free number to walk you through the installation procedure. Just pick up the phone and call 1-877-GO BORLA. Since Borla includes a million mile warranty on their system, obviously they back up what they sell.
Borla designs enough adjustment in the system so that even systems that were not straight from the factory or have a mis-adjusted rear fascia can be compensated for. The key here is to carefully adjust the tips until they fit where you like them. Next, start to tighten to the appropriate torque specifications, the bolts that attach the system. Gradually torque them all snug, checking after each tightening rotation. If all is still aligned, go back and torque them all to the spec in the instructions.
The dyno numbers are always a nice bonus. Borla uses straight through mufflers and large diameter mandrel bent tubing custom tuned for the particular engine performance. In the case of the Corvette C6 Borla builds a flow program capable of engine power modification up to 600 horsepower making them compatible with power chips and superchargers.
The Borla S-type 140128 system compared to the stock C6 Corvette exhaust showed power gains of 12-16 horsepower on Borla's dyno, while some vehicles tested showed even higher numbers. They have also seen increased mileage with this system. Remember; the more you put in the more you get out. This exact same system out-flows the factory unit by over 20 percent. Add more power and the flow will improve as well. According to Borla, aftermarket tuners utilizing the S-type system have already advised Borla of power gains in the 30+ horsepower area with modified packages. In addition, the lighter aircraft T-304 stainless reduces the weight of the exhaust by 14 lbs even with the Borla merge X-pipe.

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