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yet another question about towing with a camaro

This is a discussion on yet another question about towing with a camaro within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok, I'm moving from New Jersey to California soon. I'm thinking of just getting a tow hitch installed and hitch ...

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    yet another question about towing with a camaro

    Ok, I'm moving from New Jersey to California soon. I'm thinking of just getting a tow hitch installed and hitch a U-HAUL up to bring my stuff out. Would this be a bad idea to drive 3000 miles with this set-up? It'll save me money on towing my car on a U-Haul, but I don't want to snap my axle or wear out my suspension.

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    As long as you tow less than 2,000 lbs. and make sure your tongue weight stays below about 150 lbs. (the lower the better), you'll be ok. I've towed within this capacity many times for years with no problems. The key is how you load the trailer. You want the trailer axle to bare the load, almost perfectly balanced, keeping the tongue weight low. Just remember to drive reasonably and not try to set any speed records.

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    yeah. camaro with U-Haul pulled over for 128 in a 55. however the trailer was perfectly balanced.!

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    I've made several 100-300 mile round trips pulling my 400lb quad on a small 4x8 trailer and have never had a problem other than a short fight with the turn signal fuse. I have a Draw Tite hitch on my car, a 2001 6spd Z28, I had to install a power unit for my trailer. Basically it's the same as a turn siginal conversion box that you will need for your Camaro as it has independent turn signals, but it use power directly from the battery to supply the trailer lights. It also acts as circuit protection for you car so you don't blow fuses or risk damaging the computer system in the event of a short. It cost about $50 at Pep Boys, but Reese and a few other companies make them as well. I would consitantly blow turn signal fuse about halfway through my trip whenever I used my trailer. I completely re-wired my trailer, and had it and the trailer harness in my car checked by U-Haul who instaled it originally. They gave me another conversion box thinking maybe the first one was defective but I still had the same problem. I then took the car and the trailer to a local trailer shop/dealership and had them check again, and both got a clean bill of health again, but it would still blow turn signal fuses. The service manager at the trailer shop sugested I get a power supply for my car, because as he said unfortunatley most small cars import /domestic today aside from most SUV's/pickup's and fullsize cars, have wiring harnesses in them that are designed to carry just the load of the components that are on them. And when the added load of trailer lights and accesories are installed they can overload and fault. Car manufactures are very greedy, and will save a penny anywhere then can in most cases. Plus I doubt Chevy really intended a 300 plus horse power sports car to be towing a trailer. Since I installed the power unit I have had no problems. Just thought I let you know what I have been through and what you might be in for. I say go ahead and tow. Just use your brain and take your time loading the trailer. It makes all the difference.
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