I'm really deep into trying to upgrade my 1967 Camaro factory SS/RS to a more "modern" car. Besides the usual complete tube frame/tubs/Wilwoods and installing an LS3 and TR6060 I got a bit over complicated by deciding to upgrade the car by installing a 2012 wiring harness, ECU, BCM and main fuse box so I could use the 2012 steering wheel and the 2012 instrument cluster with cruise control, lights, wipers, radio controls all being retained.
Well.... I have managed to get all the exterior lights, horn, wipers working and have the dash "lit and giving me information". I also have the fly by wire gas pedal working the throttle body but I'm still terminating wires that I no longer have "real" places to terminate and do not know if this is going to keep the motor from starting when I get a bit further on.
As an example I have several wires from the ECU that are "signals" about fuel pressure, fuel tank pressure sensor(three of those), fuel pump relay and fuel level sensor. Since I'm running a Tanks brand supplied fuel tank with an enclosed fuel pump there are none of the functions that the wiring is designed to signal to the ECU. When I purchased the supposedly "complete (LOL)" wiring harness the ECU had been reworked to remove the anti theft portion of the system. I have the original key fob that works the remote lock/unlock but I purchased a complete steering wheel/column separately and although I have the key and remote fob for it they are not "original" to the ECU. I have no idea if this will be a problem. The anti theft may not be working but that does not mean the key is being recognized by the ECU.
Hopefully someone on this blog is much more informed as to how this works because although I've studied just about every page of wiring on the DVD I bought too much of it's just not explaining the "what it does" as well as it does the "where it goes".
I have tried to keep anything I suspected might be needed intact as far as possible but since the antilock/fuel/stability and other modules were not supplied or being used its been a bit of an "Ah, maybe" process?
Finally, my questions, a couple anyway.
Q1: With the anti theft removed will a different key still work the motor systems?
Q2: Will the ECU function with information like Fuel Tank Pressure, Fuel Level not being provided?
Q3: What functions did the Anti Theft "disable" to make the car inoperable? I'm questioning how well or "if" the anti theft removal I paid for was done.
Thanks for any information and hopefully past experience/resolution you can provide.