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Weird Brake Noise

This is a discussion on Weird Brake Noise within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey everyone, I have a 2002 Z-28 6 speed. Stock, with 15k miles. When taking a corner with the brakes ...

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    Weird Brake Noise

    Hey everyone,

    I have a 2002 Z-28 6 speed. Stock, with 15k miles.
    When taking a corner with the brakes on, I get a thunk - thunk - thunk sound as the tires rotate. I don't really hear this when stopping straight. I have taken the tires off, and cannot find anything wrong. No loose calipers, etc.

    What the hell is this? Should I check the rear end fluid?

    Thanks for any ideas!


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    Look and see if your "Low Traction" light comes on-maybe your ABS is activating.With your steering wheel turned it can be impossible to see if the light comes on.there are certain turns I take where there are bumps upsetting the suspension enough to activate the ABS-I had to look hard to catch the light-do this when there isn't a lot of traffic.

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    Pepe LePew
    probably not the rear end since you should have a torsen limited slip in yours. The clutches in the old auburn units can make noise though. You should probably start by making sure your wheels are bolted up tight and that they're not rubbing on anything. Get a buddy to stand near the car while you go in circles trying to duplicate the noise so you could at least know which end or which corner of the car that it's coming from.

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    Thanks. Sorry for the double post. I don't know why it did that, and I can't figure out how to delete the other one.....

    I don't really think it's the ABS, and I think I already inspected the calipers - they're tight. A weird problem - right from the factory

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    Pepe LePew
    If it was that way from th factory, why didn't you get it fixed under warranty?

    It could be a defective hub or your inner fender liner may be rubbing the tire...who knows. Take it to the dealer if you've still got some warranty time left.

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