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USA V8s Rock!

This is a discussion on USA V8s Rock! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi , I m newish to the V8 s, after importing a 01 ws6 Trans Am about a year ago ...

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    Paul Hardwick

    USA V8s Rock!

    Hi , I m newish to the V8 s, after importing a 01 ws6 Trans Am about a year ago to my home in England, and could do with some advice.
    Getting the car has been like achieving an impossible dream, especially on the wages of a builders labourer . When I said I intended to import a V8 they all laughed, when I pulled up it was like "What the f?$!s that?!".

    Before I launch into questions I would like to say I really appreciate your time/help, as finding out anything about these cars is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Now I know why Trans Ams are not comon over here!(Not to mention our SVA test) This site has been very helpfull in the past, thank you.

    Ok, so I think I have a ws6, has the badge, ws6 wheels, ram air, but nothing on the door sticker. (I read on here if its not on the door sticker, its not ws6)Not knowing the spec of a true ws6, I am left wondering?.

    I also keep reading about "its a a4" , or "an m6" etc , I guess thats something to do with the engine. Whats mine?

    Guess this is a good time to explain what I have,(or think I have):
    2001 ws6 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, with ws6 and Ram Air.
    5.7 Ls1.
    Cruise control, no traction control , auto.
    Stock engine, no multi changer.
    51k on clock, paid about $18k this time last year.
    Good price?

    Now that Trans Ams are no longer produced, do you guys(and gals) have trouble getting replacement parts? Where should I try?

    I have been considering buying a west wings air dam, but we have some monster speed humps over here. What is the ground clearence, and of the painted part also ( I could live with a few under carrage scrapes).

    The engine sounds lovely, but would like to make it sound more...."oldschool" noisey, rumbly,growling, more like its gonna rip your head off an eat it. Sugestions very welcome

    We have tried disconecting the "beep beep" when locking the car, with the instructions I found on here , but it hasnt worked. Any other surgestions?

    The firebird emblem on the rear is faded, should I remove or overlay? What should I use to remove?

    Best product to clean shiny ws6 wheels? (I read some products can harm certain types).

    Dipped headlights very poor light, guess thats common, is there a easy fix/ replacement?

    I would like to beef up the stereo, deeper sub etc, is the monsoon stereo as difficult to modify as I have read, i.e should I start again? or is it addonable?

    Many thanks if you have stuck with it this far,
    from a very happy lad in England,
    V8s Rock!
    P.s Happy hols.

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    Great choice of car. I don't know about the ws6 package. A4 means its and automatic 4 speed-which is what you have, an M6 is a manual 6 speed. Replacemant parts are all over here in the states at part stores and the dealership. If you want to make it sound awesome I here GMMG is pretty darn good, but pricey. I have a cut-out with an off road y-pipe and it sounds mean as hell and not near the price of GMMG. For mods the first one should probably be the lid, then exhaust-the lid is cheaper. Happy Holidays too

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    The Rookie
    Welcome to the LS Club.

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    i just want to say, that's beutiful man.

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    Welcome to the board It should say ws6 on the rpo sticker on the driver door...that's all ws6 is...a rpo code for the appearance and suspension package.

    As far as parts...they're all over the net. Check all the sponsers for this site...and you can google others, you'll have to pay more for shipping though

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    My life is a
    Ben Stiller movie.

    a couple of guys around here are GM employees, ask them to look up your VIN and then they can find all your rpo's. if you don't have it in your RPO, well, sorry cuz, then no 18k was not cool.

    stereo: read the stuff in the stereo section. "madseason" seems to have it straight. I wired a 600watt amp and 2 10's from the monsoon wires and WHOMP there it is.

    back bird emblem: ebay or some of our sponsers, or places liek "the ws.6 store" sell decals that overlay the old, faded ones. I haven't bought them yet, but it's about 99% cheaper than a new filler plate back there. I'd suggest really cleaning your current filler plate [possible wet sanding, ask the "appearance section" guys how to], then purchase the new stickers and once they're on, blast it with some clear coat to make it last.

    clean your wheels with windex or something that is safe for clear coat, b/c they aren't chrome, they are clear-coated aluminum.

    you want a deep and mean engine sound? throw a comp cam in there and add a cut out. oh wait, don't do that, the stock A4 tranny will explode [ask Zboner] Anyway, like some said a clear lid and new exhaust = quick "wow" factor. I have a borla kit on mine, cost about $900 after install.

    check out the forum sponsers for aftermarket upgrades/ stock parts. as long as there is america, there will be american muscle parts.

    welcome to the club man, i give you a lot of props for importing a piece of american history to your country. hope you mod to your dreams and scare the shit out of BMW drivers.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hardwick
    We have tried disconecting the "beep beep" when locking the car, with the instructions I found on here , but it hasnt worked. Any other surgestions?
    Use the method outlined in your owners manual.

    No owners manual? Click here ->

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbob93
    Use the method outlined in your owners manual.

    No owners manual? Click here ->

    The beep beep may have been the content alarm and not the locking function
    Mine was like that. Disable the horn function on the alarm and it will stop beeping at you when you lock it.

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    Paul Hardwick


    Many thanks for your replys.

    I have looked on the door sticker, its fairly well faded, but I see no ws6.
    Any GM emploies reading this? Would you be so kind as to look it up for me, I would be most apprecitave. My vin is: 2g2 fv 22 g9 1211 2057

    diph , cheres for the heads up about a comp cam and cut out. Zboner must have been pucking fissed off, sounds expensive.
    Also, consider those Bemmer drivers scared shiteless!

    rbob93, thanks for the link to download for an owners manual.
    I havent been able to get it to download, but my brother is a wizz on the computer, he should have more luck.

    jimmi7769, will try your surgestion if the manuals method doesnt work,thanks.

    Will try to get some pics posted on here sometime soon,

    Live the dream , rock on

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    i was pissed man, second tranny going in this summer well third if you count the stock one?

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    Sounds like a nice car. Get some pics and post them up.

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    Welcome to the LSX family! It gets me irritated to see America's youth drooling and dreaming over importing Asian, fart canned buzz boxes. To see an Englishman import an American V8 to his home is beautiful. LOL

    Several sponsors ship internationally so it shouldn't be an issue for you to get some goodies.

    For some good sound I'd recommend a good cat-back at a minimum. I don't know the laws on emissions/modifications there so I can't say how far to go with it. The basics are relatively inexpensive and easy to do. Also check out and click n "LSX". There's some things you can do on there for free or at the most a few pounds.

    For now grab a pint, open the bonnet and admire the aluminum beast that resides within.

    --You have a PM...
    2001 Z28: Mods? Got em.
    2006 Silverado: Bone stock.
    2004 Impala SS:SOLD-Unsuspecting Mustangs hated me!

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    2000 T/A WS6

    Congrats on a fine piece of machinery. And may I also say that you blokes have some bloody fine soldiers, quite hilarious to work with.

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