I have a 97 v6, for the past year I've had the good ol winking headlight on the passenger side. Its been fine, doesnt really bother me that much. However, a few days ago whenever I turn on the car it now flips the passenger headlight up and down about 5-6 times in a row before finally resting in the "down" posistion. I replaced the headlight motor with a spare I had bought from a used firebird. The same exact thing is happening, did I just happen to buy a bad headlight motor or is there something else I can check?

Problem 2, 97 v8. When I start the car, headlights go up and turn on even when in off posistion. There are no noises, so I really don't know whats going on with this either.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I want to get the v6 back on the road bc I don't like putting miles on the v8 (only 33,000). However I will not be unsafe and ride with only one working headlight in the v6. Let me know fellow f-bodiests