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Strangeness this morning.......

This is a discussion on Strangeness this morning....... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Went out to start my bird this morning, lights came on as normal when getting into the car, put in ...

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    Question Strangeness this morning.......

    Went out to start my bird this morning, lights came on as normal when getting into the car, put in the key and when I attempted to start it everything just died - nothing was working. Turned off the key and the seatbelt light came on and stayed on, turned key to try to start and nothing.

    Popped the hood and got out of car - check the battery and wiring and everything looked OK.

    Got back into car, lights now came on as usual and the car started right up.

    Drove into work, stopping at the gas station to fill up and no further problems

    Kinda strange - never have had any problems with this car, bought it new in December of 98 and it is my DD

    Basically stock, only have SFC's and LS6 intake on 99 TA WS6 - do have sequential taillights also. New battery in December of 2004(original battery was finally starting to go).

    Anybody got an idea what may be the problem here, gonna go through it this weekend but I'm kinda??

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    I had this happen before also. I thought I was going crazy because I check and rechecked everything. Low and behold the damn Poitive Terminal was loose. I tighten the damn thing back up and hadnt have the issue again. You probably already did this, but just go back and tighten up the positive terminal. What made me realize it was that I thought my battery was dead so I had someone give me a jump and when I went to touch the positive terminal with the cables all the lights came on instantly with out being connected on the other end.

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    Most likely the battery cable.

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