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some oil question

This is a discussion on some oil question within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey, I have a slightly modded Z28 and moved from NJ to CA. After coming out here I've noticed my ...

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    some oil question

    Hey, I have a slightly modded Z28 and moved from NJ to CA. After coming out here I've noticed my radiator fan runs move than it did in CA. I have a new water pump and had the coolant lines flushed and thoroughly cleaned (last owner put in some gunk to clog up the leakage on the water pump before he sold it, but there's no more plaster-looking crap). Compared to the summers in NJ, the temps are more stable 80's than jumping around from 70 to 90+ and there is no humidity out here. Also I've noticed I'm sucking up a lot of oil through the PCV valve. I'm about to order a catch can for that, but the cans are very small and I'm losing a good 1 1/2 quarts to 2 quarts every 3000 miles. I drive my car pretty hard on occassion too. Always looking for a race out here yet nobody does like NJ. Only ricers have the tenacity to race on highways, beats me. Anyways, I have an oil change coming up and I'm thinking of swapping from mobil 1 5w-30 to 10w-30. Will this help keep my car cooler and oil cleaner? I'm also gonna order a shot of redline coolant additive or maybe royal purple. Thanks.

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    The gunk you found in the cooling system is more than likely just old tends to look like gunky "plaster" after some age and a leak will speed that up because of the air.

    Where in CA are you? Some areas are cooler then others....up where i'm at it's 100+ all summer. The purple ice or water wetter that you're talking about will def you have the stock on/off temps for the fans? You might have picked up some debris on the drive over to CA so check for blockages infront of the radiator and a/c condenser

    I use 10w-30 and still use a good amount of catch can gets about half full between oil changes. I doubt you're losing 1qt+ through the pcv...ls1's are known to use up some oil. Mine loses some from piston slap on cold starts
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