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SES Light On/Off

This is a discussion on SES Light On/Off within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; A week ago I installed Loudmouth I cat back exhaust. Like two days later it through some code and ses ...

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    SES Light On/Off

    A week ago I installed Loudmouth I cat back exhaust. Like two days later it through some code and ses light came on. I pulled pcm fuses and it reset. I drove 60 miles plus and no light. Then last night going into work SES light came on again, then this morning on the drive home it went off like halfway home. Can I assume this is no big issue and just ignore the damn thing, or next time it throws go to autozone? Never heard of a ses light going off by itself without a reset. SCREWY

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    Most codes stay in "history" for dozens of ignition cycles even after the light goes off. Don't know if the scanner auto zone uses can read them? Won't hurt to stop by and have them try.

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    Like said above, it should be stored but im pretty sure the chepo scanner chinazone uses wont be able to pull stored codes, only if you light is on, so next time it comes on, roll over to chinazone and have them scan it, then post your codes and someone will hook you up.
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