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Second gear chirp?

This is a discussion on Second gear chirp? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 6 speed trans. on my formula and it was always relatively easy for me to chirp the ...

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    Second gear chirp?

    I have a 6 speed trans. on my formula and it was always relatively easy for me to chirp the tires into second gear. However i recently installed SLP's flowpack on the car, and now I am unable to get the same chirp into second gear. I think it may be because when i have tired these past few times i have had a pasenger in the car. Could that be the cause or could it be something else w/ the intake? Its kinda got me worried. however i still have to try it by myself, it could be just that simple. But i find it kinda hard to believe that an extra 180 pounds or so can be the difference in chirping second. Let me know what u guys think.

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    Probably wearing your clutch. Thats not good for it. I did that alot when my car was brand new till about 7,500 miles when the clutch started slipping.

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    Its not the passenger mine will do it with 4 people in the car, I would like more info on the clutch problem INMY01TA was talking about though cause if its hard on the car i'll stop, I didn't figure it was hurting anything

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    There are a lot of variables

    Sometimes it is easy to do sometimes it isnt - clutch temp, tire temp, road surface temp, rpm, lots of stuff comes into play here.

    I have found there is a certain technique at a certain rpm to get a nice chirp from the tires. When I am full on shifting from 1 to 2, I often dont hear anything because of engine rpm, but I know the rear tires are breaking loose because I can feel the car getting loose, so I know the clutch slippage is minimal. I am planning on putting a clutch in next Summer. Mine has 63,000 miles on it and I have taught both my sons how to drive stick on this car, not to mention the occasional abuse I give it. I am planning on getting everything I need to replace it and then take my 19 YO to the dragstrip and teach him how to stage and run a car on a dragstrip. If I can drive it home fine, if I cant well at least I know I have the parts to fix it when I get it home

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