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Rough idle after 6 months of storage

This is a discussion on Rough idle after 6 months of storage within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Normally, I store my car for the winter months, starting it every month and letting it get up to operating ...

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    Rough idle after 6 months of storage

    Normally, I store my car for the winter months, starting it every month and letting it get up to operating temperature. This year, I could not store it at my house, so I had someone else run it a few times. I have stored it every winter since new with no problems.

    I did not put stabilizer in the fuel. It was a full tank of 94 octane, after the winter it was 3/4's of a tank. My sister said the check engine light was on previously when she started it last month, however it is not currently on.

    The car runs fine when moving, but at stoplights it runs rough, like it is going to stall. It has not stalled, but it feels like it has a cam in it. The car is stock.

    I think it might be the fuel or fuel filter? Any other ideas? I have never changed the fuel filter, car has 14,000 miles.

    How do you change the fuel filter? It was not in the manual. Should I syphen out the old gas and replace with new? I was think of putting injector cleaner it?

    Any ideas/ info would be helpful.

    Boy how 6 months w/o the T/A is depressing. Glad to be driving it again.

    Thanks in advance,

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    how old is your battery?....i store mine for the winter months too.....mine did the same thing....the stock delco shit the i had to put an optima red top in ...and it ran like shit for about 20 minutes....then it cleared right up..... anybody else?

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    Put some miles on it and get some new gas running through it. Might have a history code stored if you want to check it, but should be OK as long as you don't have a SES light now. Think there's a fuel filter swap writeup at Like the previous poster stated if the battery got low it could've reset the PCM resulting in a grumpy idle until it relearns.

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    I would drive it to get most of that fuel out of there and then fill it up with some octane booster and see what happens. In my op. 14,XXX isnt time too worrry about a fuel filter. Got clean oil and and plenty of tranny fluid in it?
    When driving it i would drive it kinda hard after it warms up to clean any deposits that might have built up
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    bad gas or weak battery

    test and charge and add a winterizer gas treatment and fiill er up

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    As said above, fuel treatment, fill-up with fresh gas and drive, drive that baby for a while!

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