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rear window defroster

This is a discussion on rear window defroster within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Anyone know what the kit costs? Mine does same on for 1 min then no seat or thaw for a ...

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    2000 SS M6

    Anyone know what the kit costs?

    Anyone know what the kit costs? Mine does same on for 1 min then no seat or thaw for a couple min. 30 amp fuse sounds good but if kit is reasonable.

    Just started a couple weeks ago. Not an issue with my other project car. It was built in 1911 and has no windshield or top or doors or electrical to mention except a battery and on old model T coil. Only does about 25 mph tops (10 hp and 4:1 compression) however so i only race Civics with it.

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    Talking A fix!

    Amazing! I have had this issue THREE TIMES... and three times i've brought it for service (warranty) and at one point they replaced then entire climate controls!... i will deffinitely be trying that 30A fuse

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    I have the same problem with my 02 ws6. Got it from Texas, now lives with me in Regina, a small city in "the great white north of Canada". There is one part that has yet to mentioned in this thread and that is the harness beteween the body and hatch. With the movement the wires could fray inside and break causing an increas in resistance and load. On mine the ruber boot as pulled away from the body and is no longer protecting the wires. I haven't fully inspected it yet but I am assuming that to be the problem area.

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    After speaking to a mechanic at the dealer, we looked the part up in the system and the only thing he could do is replace the entire hot/cold piece in the dashboard with all the controls on it. He said the sensor is somewhere in the unit and I would have to replace it all.....about 250.00. I am still waiting to see what other options there are.

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    I know this is an old threat, and sorry about necroing it, but it is talking about what I need. GM parts, nor its legacy service, no longer has the defogger update kit PN 22638255 available. Does anyone:

    A) know some place that has access to the kits

    B) know what the stats on the items were (like maybe pns or stats for the terminals and uprated breaker, etc.)

    C) know of a supersession part number for the kit that the dealers didn't know about?

    I bought the OE circuit breaker and its giving me a little more time defrosting, but still not enough.


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