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pvc issue... vacuum leak....tune issue?

This is a discussion on pvc issue... vacuum leak....tune issue? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; need some advise, i have a '00 trans am, has the ls6 intake, had a cam installed last summer and ...

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    pvc issue... vacuum leak....tune issue?

    need some advise,

    i have a '00 trans am, has the ls6 intake, had a cam installed last summer and tuned. went with a stage 2 btr cam.

    when i first got the cam installed and tuned i had an idle issue, car needed gas pedal feathered for about 5-10 seconds to get it to idle. after that the car ran great and idled great. kept thinking i need to get back into the tuner to have it sorted out. however the tuner lives a couple hours away i have never made it happen.
    When the weather cooled off the car would idle fine right after starting.

    anyway, the other day i drove the car and noticed it was idling high, i suspected vacuum leak, noticed the rubber line coming off the ls6 intake to the pcv was torn. Replaced the line and now the car will not idle! any ideas???
    i can finally get it to idle after it warms completely up. I drove the car today and now it is idling a bit high again at around 1000-1100.
    I started thinking, was this vacuum starting to leak when the car was tuned and now that its fixed the air/fuel is off? could it be the pcv is sticking? any thoughts ideas is appreciated.

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    PCV are cheap fix, if it hasn't been changed in ages then yes you need to. Replace the rubber hose. Another area on the PCV tubing that goes bad is behind the intake where it splits into a y section, What sucks is you never see it and if it's leaking there you'll never know unless you pull it.

    Here are a couple of threads that can help you fix this.

    These next 2 are about the best fix for the PCV issue, the stock PCV system sucks donkey balls (excuse my loathing). Combining the LS6 Valley Cover Tray with a Catch Can is the best system for our LSx's. And honestly if you price the complete stock PCV pieces it comes up higher then the LS6 VCT.

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    Could be a vacuum leak but honestly my guess would be that the fueling tables need adjusted for cold starts. I had the same issue when I first put a cam in my car. I decided to take my car to a different tuner when the first one told me that he could fix my idling issues by just drilling out the throttle blade.

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    I am guessing that when the PCV line came unhooked that the extra air is what "fixed" your idle issue. I assume that if you unplug the line again that the engine will idle. Absent a mechanical issue, this really sounds like a problem with your tune.

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