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Possible Engine Miss

This is a discussion on Possible Engine Miss within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well to start, I have a true dual setup on my 99 Trans Am. And coming from the pipe connected ...

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    Possible Engine Miss

    Well to start, I have a true dual setup on my 99 Trans Am. And coming from the pipe connected to the driver side of the engine i can hear a bit of a tinging noise when the engine is idling. Now it was suggested to me that it might be a bit of engine miss and that I should change the spark plugs. Ive done that and the noise is still there. However the engine runs just fine and I dont see anything wrong with it. Any ideas what it could be and if it is miss how can i tell and how could i look into fixing it?


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    the slow and the curious
    If the engine runs fine it is not a miss. The slight tinging or tick noise could be normal injector noise. Do not quote me on that Im just guessing. I heard something similar in my 2000 ss. Just a slight tick. Perhaps it is just a slight exhaust leak. Or a loose lifter, I really wouldn't worry about it, but check your oil level Low oil can cause ticks etc...If it starts to get louder get it looked at asap

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    How do you know when theres miss ? Is there a way to test for it or somethin ?

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    This morning it was kinda cold, and when i started her up before work i noticed you could faintly see the exhaust fumes coming from the pipe in question and not at all from the other one, also there was a little bit of fuel or whatever very slightly sprayin out of the pipe and furthermore the pressure coming out of that pipe is greater then the other one. So I do think somethin is up.

    Any ideas , suggestions or comments ?

    On that note the engine does seem to run fine, It drives fine and since the spark plugs sounds better too.

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    the slow and the curious
    I really dont know. Fuel or something spraying out of the pipe? Dude, It was probably just a little condensate (water) built up in your muffler. Also An engine miss is detectable by ear. It is an inconsistent sound in the engine, usually noticeable at idle, and usually caused by an ignition problem. Typically when there is a miss there is a noticeable loss of power. Check oil levels, water levels. My theory is the steam in the one exhaust pipe made the exhaust heavier, as it was water laden, the heavier exhaust felt stronger to you and possibly even hotter.

    Still dont think there is anything to worry about :beer3:
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    Ive got a 01 T/A WS6 and have recently had the same problem. check out the thread in the general help section at the top. It probably is missfires. I put mine on a scanner and it read 8 misfires on cylinder #4.

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