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poor idle and voltage 02' T/A

This is a discussion on poor idle and voltage 02' T/A within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have noticed on both of my F-bodies, that if the battery voltage is low, the car wont idle, tries ...

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    poor idle and voltage 02' T/A

    I have noticed on both of my F-bodies, that if the battery voltage is low, the car wont idle, tries to stall. Why is this. I installed a new alternator on one of the cars and it still does it. Once the cars run and drive for 1/2 hour they are fine.

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    Pull the throttle body and check to see if the IAC sensor is gummed up.

    Also when's the last time you cleaned the MAF sensor?

    Both of these will effect idle.

    The low voltage could just be just because the idle is low and not spinning the alternator fast enough.

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    ^^This. Also, check to see if the IAC valve can be gently pressed back into its housing. I had an issue with a bad IAC as I was leaving for work. Car wouldn't idle worth a damn. Pulled the IAC and car fired right up. IAC was frozen in its fully extended position, not allowing the car to idle at all. Had a warranty and went to the parts store I bought it from, found out I was just shy of my warranty expiring and got a free replacement. All good now.

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    I agree with Rich and Scott. Every time I had idling issues it was the IAC valve. Even in other pontiac cars I had seen the issue. Some times it is stuck and a little lubrication will loosen it but it recommended to replace. The MAF clean up is recommended as well if you haven't done it in a while. Make sure you use MAF Sensor Cleaner spray ONLY.

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