I have a 96 Trans Am 5.7 V8. My SES has been on, and I got the codes read today at an autoparts store. As in the title, it read p0400 egr flow malfunction.

The clerks there said it was most likely the EGR Solenoid. So I ordered the part ($20, be here tomorrow). I looked under my hood, and it appears the solenoid is in the far rear right hand side (facing the engine) of the engine, correct? How does one replace that without taking everything apart?

Would it just be easier to pay a shop (Goodyear) to do it? I've had to take it in a lot recently for various things that have been corroding/dying (original hoses popped, original transmission mount popped, original something else...) and I think they're just screwing me over for parts/labor.

I don't have the Chilton/Hayes manual yet, but does anyone have an idea how difficult it would be to replace the EGR Solenoid? Or am I barking up the wrong tree by trying it myself or could the p0400 point to something else?

thanks. (Hope I posted in the right part of the forum. Is there a search feature for this forum?)