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P0300 LS1 misfire ugh!

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    P0300 LS1 misfire ugh!

    2001 LS1 with 62k orig everything. I’ve got a serious misfire that threw an SES and P0300. Misses badly and stinks of unburned gas. I hear a Tech 2 scan tool can isolate the problem whether ignition or injectors… is that the case? Should I just start with plugs wires and fuel filter or could this just be bad O2 sensors? I was thinking of just bringing it to GMC as they do a diagnosis for $149. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    A dealership has a few tools that can help them isolate a faulty spark plug, wire, or o2 sensor.

    Spark Plug OE p/n is 41-962 and OE cost is $11.02 and book time is 2.0

    Wires OE p/n is 748CC and OE cost is $210.38 and book time is 1.4, but ask for 2.3 for the overall spark plugs and wire set, or see if they have a flat rate or menu cost as the tech is in the same component and instead of compounding charges, just negotiate and get the cost of labor lower. I do all the time, but then again that is my job.

    If O2 sensors are bad, OE p/n is 25312197 and the OE cost is $148.02, and book time for each, if all three are bad, is 1.9, but again you can ask for a lower labor time as each of them are in the same general area and chances are they'll have your car on a lift and have easier access to the parts. I would ask for 1.3. At the $149.99 rate, the actual cost would be $284.90, but if you ask for the 1.3, that would be $194.94 which is easier to stomach. Always ask for lower rates as you are in control of your car, and they are there to make money no matter what. If they asked how you got these numbers, state you have access to Pro Demand and can see current prices and labor times.

    Paul Conte Chevy is a good vendor, and if you want to save a bit, go to Firestone Complete Auto Care, or a Goodyear Service Center, just let them know what the OE costs and Labor times are and they'll be able to assist you as well.

    Hope this helps.
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