I was hoping for a second set of eyes. For the last 30,000 miles, I have had to add some oil and the oil pan is wet. All of this started when I replaced the valve cover gaskets. I wonder if that started holding the blow by more? The car has about 190,000+ miles. When I pull the torque converter access cover, it was completely dry.
Looking up the side of the block is dry, I don't think it is from the valve cover change out. Could it be from the oil pan gasket? I also heard the fuel pump block plate could be it.

One other question, how does the oil plug seal fit? Should it fit down in the grove? When I push it down below the threads it wants to pop up. Is this the right one? I had one from an auto parts store before this one that I got online. They both did the same thing? Also, the circular grove at the threads. Is there from years of oil changes and removing and installing the plug?

I took some pictures since they can explain it better than I can. I did wipe everything down and this time I will look before the next oil change. :-)