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no power when turning or engine bogs bad!

This is a discussion on no power when turning or engine bogs bad! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; When i take a full left or right turn and give it a about part throttle, the car just chugs ...

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    no power when turning or engine bogs bad!

    When i take a full left or right turn and give it a about part throttle, the car just chugs along very slowly. I can then punch it and it does absolutely nothing! like the cars sta a stand still. It will eventually grab and go, but its never done this before and lately its been pretty common. any ideas?

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    You've got what kind of car again?That sounds like a weird one to me-I had an old truck that had a similar deal-when you went around a right hand turn it would die-finally figured out that it was a hole in the radiator tank,when you went around a turn-it would splash antifreeze out the hole and spray down the coil.It would dry off enough to restart in a short while due to the engine heat-I couldn't crank it and watch the engine at the same time so it took a while to figure out.Not saying this is what your problem is- just an interesting story that illustrates how you have to think outside the box on some of this stuff.Let us know if you figure anything else out.

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    i had a truck that did the same thing. would almost die when id let of the throttle to turn or at a stop sign or a light and it was the fuel filter. if its been a long time or you havent replaced it yet probably a good idea anyway

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