Hello new friends,
I have a 2001 SS with some SLP mods. One of these I feel I should note is the Blackwing intake filter cover. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out why my car sometimes feels like its missing, running really rich and running like absolute crap when its raining or very moist outside. I checked my scan tool readings and my MAF sensor is showing 0.000 lb/min while the car is running. I bought a new MAF sensor (I know, shame on me for doing this first but my car is 21 years old.) and the reading did not change. So I tested my circuit while idling and I got 13.4v on ign+, continuity and diode test pass on ground (I like doing the diode test to hear the beep) and I got 2.5v reading from the sensor data wire. (I read in another forum the signal is sent in Hz not volts, thanks for that info).

So to sum up. Good voltage at +, good ground, signal going through data wire, new MAF sensor and a 0.000 lb/min reading on live data.

Please help, I love my car but only driving on dry days, and getting 143 miles on a full tank is killing me.

May I also add, my downstream O2 sensors have been deleted with a long tube header install from a previous owner, I'm wondering if my MAF was deleted too? Which would be absolutely dumb.