I'm thinking about swapping out a stock 350 and replacing it with a 6.0 liter LS2 or LQ9. I have not got the project car yet, Im still in the planning stages. The project car I am looking at is a 78 corvette with a stock 350 and an automatic. What companies would be able to provide quality and durable parts.
I'm leaning toward an Iron block because of reliability issues I've heard of. Expansion in all aluminum blocks is a problem.
Probabily a stroker motor combo in the neighborhood of 500 horses.
A long block or a turn key setup would be great.
Conversion motor mounts.
Transmission crossmember for the tranny swap.
A reliable proforamce ECU with the ability to be modified to my motor setup.
A manual tranny will be in the works also. A Richmond 6 speed probabily.

Has anyone done a similar swap into an older gm car?
Any tips?