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Motor Dimentions vs standard SBC?

This is a discussion on Motor Dimentions vs standard SBC? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, I am new to this forum and recently decided to go with an LS1 for my project car. ...

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    Motor Dimentions vs standard SBC?

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and recently decided to go with an LS1 for my project car. I have a 1986 Volvo 240 wagon I purchased for the intent of putting a small block in it. I was always planning on just putting in like a zz4 and calling it a day, but I found a wonderful carb conversion kit for the LS1. This would make my swap weigh about 40 pounds more than the stock motor.

    To me, this is wonderful. I dont have to bang out the firewall (no distributor) and since its all aluminum it weighs so much less. Well I have general questions about the LS1.

    First off, what is the difference in size? Like is a 350 block the same size? Is the ls1 skinnier? Wider? Taller? The conversion manual I bought deals with LT1/350/305s. Nothing is stated about the ls1, it wasnt really out when the first edition of the book was written. I am okay with hood clearence problems, hood scoops and stuff always fix that right up, but the steering shaft will be a big issue if the motor is shaped differently. Also, where is the oil filter in relation to the older ones? And one last question. Is the oil pan shaped similarly to the LT1 oil pan? Or is it way different?

    Edit: By shaped, i mean dimentions, not bolt pattern.

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    I don't have any exact answers for you but it would appear at first glance that the LS-1 has very similar external dimensions.However there is alot of other differences in pan shape and motor mount position to make it a completely different animal for transplanting. The oil filter is located at the rear left and tucked into that corner of the pan facing straight down. There are alot of street rod companies using the LS-1 for different applications that you might give some of them a call for info on this kind of thing. All most of the guys know here is their car came with it and it fits very nicely in that spot thank you.Sounds like an interesting project-good luck!

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    There are a couple of companies out there now making motor mounts to swap an LS1 in cars previously equipped with SBC's. 1st gen & 3rd gen camaros and 78-88 A & G bodies as far as I know.

    While this may not help you put it in your volvo, I assume it would mean that the overall shape and size of the two are very simular.

    Good Luck!
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