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Mazda Dependability???

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    Mazda Dependability???

    Iím looking for a comfortable, but yet sporty daily driver. It has to be over 250HP and either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Also I would like to keep the price around 30K maximum. I was looking at the MazdaSpeed 6. Itís around 270HP and AWD with a 6-speed manual. I drove it and liked the ride, but I donít know anything about how dependable Mazdaís are. Does anyone have any feedback on the Mazda brand?

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    Mazda's major shareholder is Ford, so they make most of the decisions. My wife bought a Mazda 3 about 6 months ago and loves the car. It handles excellent and is comfortable, plus gets 32mpg. A lot of the suspension and framework is crossed over from the Mazda 6. I know many of the parts under the Mazda 3 are printed with the Ford logo and would be the same with the Mazda 6. I don't know as much about the Mazda 6 as the 3 since I don't won 1, but the engine is designed by Mazda and Ford on the 3's and body was designed by Volvo and is used along with many other parts on the new Volvo s40 and the European Ford Focus(which isn't available in the USA). Lately Mazda has been rising in reliabilty, but they were not up there very far a few years ago. I only paid 14k for a slighty used 3, but if it were me and I wanted a reliable ride that had some power in the 30k area, I think the new GTO would fill that perfectly. We know the GTO is comfortable, semi sporty and 400h.p. I even like the new Chargers if only they were 2 doors. I don't think I would pay 30k for a new Mazda 6, would rather get the RX8.

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    The wife and I just bought her a 2006 mazda 6 1 week before I got my Z, it is one of the best cars I have ever owned! Great gas mileage we get no less than 430 miles to a tank all city driving, we are going to test out the highway mileage this weekend when we go on a 8 hour drive one way. They are silent inside, good power, heat, many safety features and so on, I would highly recommend the mazdaspeed 6, its AWD a 6 speed and has 270 HP which can only be increased with mods. Go buy one if you like it you wond be dissapointed.

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    its good to three zooms

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