Hello everybody, I am new here. so if I sound dumb, that's my excuse.

I have major build issue I cant seem to get answers to. I have a new LSX 454 finished block 4.185 Bore, Standard 9.240" Deck Height. I have pistons and rods on the way. Can I use my 4.0 stroke LS7 crank and LS7 heads with a 4.125 rod on this 454 LSX block and have a legit 440 - 441 CI Destroker? Is there such animal??

Oh yeah Wiseco Flat top 4.185 Bore, -.8 comp height, Eagle rods @ 6.125 length.

I would have just built LSX 454 with new 4.125 crank but I ran out of money. So need to use previous LS7 Heads and Crank. If this is legit, Would this be called a 454 Destroker? or a 440 Destroker? Is that even a legit term?