in the process of my first ls1 build (have built a few motors in the past but nothing fuel injected) my goal is at least 500-550 rwhp through a six speed trans with natural aspiration, but with an eye towards adding a forced induction or nitrous system later if I feel the performance is lacking. my intentions are to use a fairly radical cam w/ upgraded lifters and spgs, port and flow heads, upgraded injectors, flat tops, hbeam rods, an aftermarket intake, arp (or similar) bolts throughout and a programmable "chip" system and a set of good headers w/ 3" exhaust. knowing that, what would you recommend for the build in the way of part brands, cam sizes, machine work, etc...anything you have tried or personally seen as effective or things i should avoid in looking to create a durable, driveable and powerful car that will run on premium pump fuel . this is going to be a driven street car, not a track or trailer queen (motor is a 2001 ls1, car is a 71 nova, , t56 six speed, 3:42 rear,cal-tracs traction system, gm 12 bolt, 4 wheel disc power brakes, 10 pt roll cage, frame ties, a/c, p/s, using rad from 96 t/a, this all has been done so far for mock up and fitment, now tearing down for paint and mods ) please include any and all info you have on any phase of this build you think will be helpful (clutches, trans, motor...whatever) and thanks in advance for the help